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Leo Petrik

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Business Marketing Events (BME)

Business and how to conduct business has changed!

We don't deal with businesses... we deal with people... and the fastest way for people in business to create success is to solve their problems quickly and effectively.

The new customer engagement economy is here... and to succeed, changes need to be made... but the transition can be slow, but it doesn't have to be.

BME helps businesses and communities become better, successful and more profitable simply and elegantly.

Business Marketing Events is an "of service" organisation and helps you by creating self managed mastermind groups where your business problems are solved.

BME - Your Business Success - Your Community's Future

MasterClass Networking - Your Gateway To Success

The world is constantly changing!

We don't deal with businesses the same way as we used to anymore, and we have forgotten that we are actually dealing with people, real people... our technology has actually gotten in the way.

The sooner we realise and embrace the fact that skills in better communication and relationship building is critical to personal and business success... the sooner you and I can create better successes for ourselves and others.

MasterClass Networking helps people in business to connect, communicate and build powerful and relevant relationships both personally and for business.

MasterClass Networking with Business Marketing Events create Powerful Connections... Dynamic Business Acceleration... Real and Relevant Relationships.... Genuine Business Generation.

MasterClass Networking - Get Your Free ‘5 Top Secrets of Networking' Here

The Brand Perception Index (BPI)

If You Don’t Do Anything Differently Your Business Cannot Improve

Do you know what your customers really think of your business? Do you need help delivering on customer expectations?

Benefit from knowing what hidden opportunities and challenges you may have by investing in a Brand Perception Indicator business assessment now.

BPI - Finding The Right Path To Your Success

Wealth Dynamics Profile

Making sense of the many approaches to wealth creation can be compared to making
sense of the different games on ESPN

Each has different rules, different teams, and different strategies. Only by understanding the games can we listen to the soccer player say, “Kick the ball, don’t pick it up” and the basketball player say “Don’t kick the ball, pick it up” and realize they aren’t contradicting each other, they’re just playing different games.

Success comes from knowing which game to play, and then playing that game – and
only that game.

Each of us has a game that is most suited to our own natural habits and
talents. So how do we find out which game to play?

Do the Wealth Dynamics Profile and learn how YOU can create YOUR wealth YOUR way.

Learn To Create Wealth YOUR Way... Do The Wealth Dynamics Profile To Discover YOUR True Path To Success

The BME eCard Presentation

The lifespan of a business card is 18 seconds... that's how long it takes for a connection who has received it to decide to keep your paper card or not.

Business cards are becoming irrelevant... they are expensive and an ecological hazard.

Welcome to the BME eCard Business Portal... the new way to connect and stay connected in the 21st Century.

Simple, Effective, Flexible and Relevant.

BME eCard Business Portal - Your Communcation Future

BME eCard Affiliate Program

Creating another way to generate additional/supplementary income has become quite an industry.

We can actually show you how you can create additional income, simply doing what you do every day... giving people your business details when you connect with them.

Find out about the new exciting BME eCard Business Portal and Marketing System which will help you create an affiliate income.

Simple, Powerful, Effective, Flexible and Environmentally Friendly.

Join The 21st Century - Get Your BME eCard Business Portal Here - Your Communcation Future

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